Friday, 29 July 2016

Who Am I

Memory problems are a big issue with epilepsy and epilepsy medications. There is also a common problem for people with fibromyalgia called "Fibro Fog". Put them together and a lot of the time I have a case of the light is on but there is nobody home. Contrary to popular belief I do have a fully working brain occasionally! Those times are few and far between at the moment though.

Last week I took my tea out of the freezer, put it on my plate and tried to eat it. Completely forgetting most important part of cooking it.

On Wednesday I text Chris to remind him about something but I had no idea what it was, I've had friends come round that I've completely forgotten I've invited. I've put cereal in the fridge, milk in the cupboards. I have no idea where I put things.

I can remember the date of my holiday in 1988 but my short term memory has gone. Chris can tell me something and I'll immediately forget. It's amusing and frustrating in equal measures.

A big shout out to Sam boy who tried to teach me how to do a Rubik's cube yesterday in these circumstances. I think I must have been your most challenging student!

Also big thanks to my lovely friends who took such good care of me yesterday. Especially Laura who stuck her foot out to protect my head when I fell!

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