Monday, 1 August 2016

A Complicated Case

When a neurologist describes you as a "complicated case" that is never good news! Today I saw a different neurologist who was completely useless. He had no idea about me apart from that I was "complicated" and sent me away while he had a think about what to do next. So we wait and see. My referral to the care team has been sent so I should be getting my alarm soon fingers crossed. Other than that it's business as usual with my medication until they come up with a different plan.

At the moment I see the following health professionals on a regular basis...

Epilepsy Nurse
Rheumatology Nurse
Cardiology Clinic
Occupational Therapist

It's a full time job just keeping up with hospital visits. There are probably more I've forgotten about.

The good news is that I had three days seizure free from Friday to Sunday. It must have been the kick to the head Laura gave me! Whatever it was it was just nice to have some respite. Back to some seizures today but can't complain really. I got three gold stars in a row on my app, I felt like I won the lottery!

We've got a busy few days coming up so I just hope I don't get really bad. I have to be really careful not to get giddy when I feel a bit better and do too much. It always comes back to bite me on the bum. I'm looking forward to some time with family and friends and hopefully not scaring small children!

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