Tuesday, 19 July 2016

It's been an exciting day today...I left the house twice! I got an unexpected trip to the doctors with an infected finger. I'm on immune suppressants for my arthritis so I went from mild pain to chop this finger off now very quickly. I'm now sporting a fetching bandage on my middle finger so I can accidentally stick my finger up at people while swearing at them. Nice! 

Obviously this played havoc with my nap routine and lack of sleep means more seizures. I had three falls before I even left the house this morning. 

Last time I went to the doctors I was having a bad verbal tic day and my word was "no". I have no control over the words, they just come out. The doctor was asking me questions to which I replied "yes" but then shouted "no". Most confusing for everyone involved! 

This afternoon I was wheeled out again by my lovely in-laws who took me to Emily's nursery for a goodbye picnic. It was her last day at nursery today. It was also the hottest day of the year and we all melted into a big puddle. 

I now have almost seven weeks to entertain the kids whilst housebound and disabled. Oh and I can't drink. Thank goodness for grandparents! 

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