Wednesday, 27 July 2016


A year ago today I attended the funeral of my good friend Leanne. She was 36 and died from a brain tumour, leaving behind a husband and three young children. I think about Leanne a lot while i'm dealing with all these problems. She dealt with her illness and prognosis with such dignity. I'll never forget when she told me her tumour was stage 4 and she was dying. She was so matter of fact about it, she could have been telling me what she'd had for tea. She never complained, never made a song and dance about it. She just got on with it. When my symptoms first started getting worse in February my main fear was a brain tumour. It was such a relief that it was "just" epilepsy. I'm not sure I would have handled it with as much grace as Leanne did. As always my thougts are with her family today. She is very much missed by us all.


  1. Thank you Katy, it's a year today since we met but I feel that I've known you longer through Leanne. She knew she was lucky to have such a wonderful caring friend and although she'd be thankful that your illness wasn't life threatening, she would be so upset that you had to go through such an awful time. Both you, Leanne and both of your husbands who have supported you through these terrible illnesses are inspirations to me...much love always Xx

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