Monday, 25 July 2016

Mummy Went Splat

I've been trying to find different ways to help the kids deal with my seizures and one thing they find hilarious is when I go "splat" on the floor. I decided to use this to write a book/poem for Emily to read before bed. I wrote it last night so it's very much a work in progress but she loves it. Even James laughed and he's a pretty harsh critic.

"Mummy Went Splat"

My mummy thinks she is a superhero
I don't know why she thinks that
Because every time she tries to walk
My mummy goes splat

My mummy pretends she's in the circus
Doing moves like an acrobat
She wibbles and wobbles, tries to stay up
But mummy still went splat

My mummy sits with me in the sunshine
But I don't want to wear my hat
She tries to come and chase me
Oh dear, mummy's gone splat

My mummy tries to cook my tea
And carries it onto the mat
I can see where this is going, uh oh
My mummy went splat

My mummy takes me to bed at night
Tucks me in with Kitty Cat
She leans over to give me a kiss
Oh mummy you went splat

My mummy says she's a superhero
Now I know why she thinks that
Because she still tries to look after me
Even when she goes splat


  1. Brilliant!
    Oh what an inspiration
    Better than The Cat in the Hat
    Now that we can understand
    That you do keep going Splat!!������

    1. I'm not sure it would have made the "Darts and the Commentry" but I tried my best!

  2. This is delightful! I love it! I once wrote a story about my voice going off on an adventure when I was too croaky to read to my girls and had Mark read it to them.

  3. This just has to be the best thing I've read, especially as it's written by one of "us", I also have epilepsy and was a resident or 'patient' at the National Society for Epilepsy in Chalfont St Peter.
    Would it be possible for me to print off a copy of this poem please.

    1. Yes of course you can! Please feel free to share it