Wednesday, 20 July 2016

I had some bad falls last night so a few more bruises to add to my collection. Chris is pretty good at catching me although at the weekend he missed and punched me in the stomach. So mean! I do get a little warning before I fall, just enough for Chris to see out of the corner of his eye and run over to catch. 

The kids are quite used to me being randomly on the floor. They just think it's funny and do impressions of me falling and shouting. 

If I'm in the wheelchair when it happens or sitting down my head just falls down and I look like one of those nodding dogs in cars. 

The epilepsy nurse has referred me to a care team so I'll be getting an alarm to wear round my neck. If I'm home alone and fall I'll be able to press the button and someone will come and help me. 

I've been banned from driving which as I don't have a license anyway doesn't make much difference to me! I get a free bus pass but I can't go out on my own at the moment. One day...I can dream of days going out by myself on the bus! Dream big. 

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  1. Arnica is amazingly good for bruises. Looking forward to the days when you get your independence back too <3