Monday, 17 October 2016


I don't know about you but I'm feeling 37. Not so catchy but it's my birthday! I never thought about 37 being a milestone but after this year it feels like an achievement. Bring on the Prosecco and smarties because I'm celebrating!

According to my presents I am a Poldark loving, inhaler losing, mermaid. Sums me up pretty well! I've had a great few days with family and friends and more to come this week.

37 is going to be a great year...I can feel it in my achy bones!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Maximum Dose

So I'm officially on the maximum dose of my medication now. All 3000mg of it. I had several falls at the weekend but I've had a bug and antibiotics so I'm putting it down to that. I'm still optimistic that the maximum dose will work and I'll be back to a fully functioning human being soon. I should be back to the neurologist soon but their idea of soon and my idea of soon are quite different. I think they work in dog years. I've walked to school with the wheelchair a couple of times so that's nothing short of a miracle.

Emily is busy planning her spectacular birthday party which is a Cinderella and My Little Pony mash up. She's invited most of the school and if you didn't see it earlier she has decided to put a lock of her own hair into each party bag. Genius! She has list of invitees, a reserves list and a list of those not invited. On the not invited list is anyone else called Emily. Apparently she is the only Emily allowed at Emily's birthday party!

Speaking of birthdays the celebrations of my birth are beginning this weekend with a nice meal out on Sunday. Basically we are celebrating the miracle of me still being alive and making it through 12 years of untreated epilepsy. That's if I make it until Monday, better not speak too soon. Don't want to jinx it!

Monday, 10 October 2016

October is a bit crap

I see so many posts about how wonderful October is and how lovely Autumn can be. This is my post to tell you how crap October is...

Bugs, germs and anything else to make you feel like crap - thanks school!

I get a year older, more wrinkles and more grey hairs

Anniversary of Charlie's death - nuff said

It's hot, It's cold, It's warm, It's freezing - let's wear our entire wardrobe in one day

I feel the need to start buying Christmas presents

I forget I've already started buying Christmas presents until I hide the new lot

We have to pay out for two birthday meals because annoyingly me and Chris were born two weeks apart

I have to put up with constant mocking that I'm older for two weeks - if you had arrived on time Christopher we wouldn't have this problem!!

Leaves fall off the trees and make me sad

My flowers pretend to die and make me sad

It goes dark early and that makes me sad

I feel the need to redecorate - no I don't know why either

It's cold, dark and miserable for NO REASON

Did I mention I'm a summer person?

Christmas is quite good too

So let's skip

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Birthday Cards

As I am writing a birthday card I thought this was a good time to explain why you may not get one and why. It's a long process for me to get a card in the post. Here's a brief run down of what has to happen...

I have to remember it is your birthday
I have to remember to ask Chris to buy you a card next time he is at the shop
Chris has to remember to buy the card next time he is at the shop
Chris has to remember to tell me he has bought the card
I have to remember he has bought a card and where I have put it
I have to remember to write it
I have to remember to give it to him to post
He has to remember to take it and post it

As you can see there are many steps of remembering and frequently I fail to do so. If by some miracle you do receive a card from me then I would frame it and bring out each year just in case! Please don't be offended if you don't get one as somewhere the process has failed. I have many cards that have been bought and not sent or ones that have been sent to the wrong people! My Dad was thrilled to get a "New Baby" card at the age of 65! Just know that somewhere in my brain I did at some point remember it was your birthday so Happy Birthday!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

10 Reasons to Love Facebook

There's so much negativity about Facebook and social media and how it stops you having "proper" relationships. I couldn't disagree more so here is some Facebook love. Ten good reasons why we should love Facebook...

1) As someone who is unable to get out and about much social media is my lifeline. I can chat to my friends on the sofa and have a good laugh. I can have drinking competitions while watching Strictly and put the world to rights without leaving my bedroom. It has saved my sanity on many occasions this year.

2) I have 366 friends with 366 different opinions. Instead of deleting people for having a different opinion to you why don't we take the time and listen to what they have to say? Failing that spam them with a passive aggressive meme.

3) I have friends in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Canada and one travelling the world in a camper van! I've learnt so much about different cultures from them and love to see their photos of different parts of the world. I can chat to people all over the world and not lose touch just because they are in a different country.

4) I can update everyone i know in one easy status. Frankly I'm just lazy and if i can just post it on Facebook I will.

5) I can say things I wouldn't be able to say in person. Yesterday I read about the death of a baby boy and was able to offer my condolences. If it wasn't for Facebook I wouldn't have been able to reach out and offer support. It helped me hugely after losing Charlie and it gives me the opportunity to do the same for others.

6) My kids are hilarious and where else would I share my anecdotes??

7) As above but with pictures. Print them off and put them in frames?? Who has time for that?? If I take a selfie it's because it's the first time in weeks I have looked vaguely human. We must celebrate this miracle.

8) Memories - the good, the bad and the ugly. They usually give me a good laugh and that's what it's all about.

9) I'm nosey. I admit it. I want to know if you have split up with your boyfriend, moved house, pregnant etc etc. Even if I haven't seen you for 30 years.

10) Facebook debates are my all time favourite sport. Whether it's Brexit, Strictly or Americanisms I enjoy a good banter. It keeps my brain working and I'm open to changing my mind on issues. Well apart from Brexit, guns and Aidan Turner.

So there you go, ten reasons to love Facebook. I'll be writing for Buzzfeed before you know it ;)