Sunday, 9 September 2018

"Walk A Day In My Shoes" Fundraiser

Firstly you need to know two important things about me. 1) My son Charlie died from meningitis, eight years ago, when he was three months old. 2) I have extremely limited mobility and I am a wheelchair user with severe epilepsy.

Ok, now we have those facts out of the way, lets get on to the good stuff! Eight years ago we set up a fundraising page for Charlie at Meningitis Now. The link to it is here. We have currently raised £37,741.06 and my goal is to reach £40,000 before 28th October 2018 which is the anniversary of his death. At the very least I want to get closer to my target and I'm prepared to make a complete fool of myself to do it!

As I am disabled I can't do a sponsored run or even walk. No skydiving or difficult training courses for me! I put it to my friends for fundraising ideas and they came up with some great ones.

Anyone who follows me on Facebook or Instagram knows I have a particular leg pose during the summer months. The first sight of sun and the legs are out! One of my friends suggested I recreate this leg pose whilst wearing shoes borrowed from friends. The crazier the better and I'm going to try and take pictures in some bizarre places, although this will be health dependent.

Another thing I'm well know for is my love (and lack of ability) of singing. Another friend suggested I sing some songs so I decided I would tie in a song with the choice of footwear. For example yesterday I wore my daughter's rainbow wellies (child size 10) and sang the song If This Isn't Love from Finian's Rainbow. I had never heard of the song or musical before so it was a real challenge for me to learn it. The person who requested the song then made a donation!

Today I borrowed a pair of football boots from my nine year old next door neighbour and sang the John Barnes rap from World in Motion! You see how it works?

My challenge is to do 30 days although they won't be consecutive and I will complete it by 28th October. If you want to see me looking absolutely ridiculous then please follow my Facebook and Instagram pages which I will keep updated with photos and videos.

If you want to read why this cause is so important to me and find out what happened to Charlie then his blog is here.

Any amount, big or small, will be very gratefully received. You can donate by following this link 

Thank you so much.