Monday, 10 October 2016

October is a bit crap

I see so many posts about how wonderful October is and how lovely Autumn can be. This is my post to tell you how crap October is...

Bugs, germs and anything else to make you feel like crap - thanks school!

I get a year older, more wrinkles and more grey hairs

Anniversary of Charlie's death - nuff said

It's hot, It's cold, It's warm, It's freezing - let's wear our entire wardrobe in one day

I feel the need to start buying Christmas presents

I forget I've already started buying Christmas presents until I hide the new lot

We have to pay out for two birthday meals because annoyingly me and Chris were born two weeks apart

I have to put up with constant mocking that I'm older for two weeks - if you had arrived on time Christopher we wouldn't have this problem!!

Leaves fall off the trees and make me sad

My flowers pretend to die and make me sad

It goes dark early and that makes me sad

I feel the need to redecorate - no I don't know why either

It's cold, dark and miserable for NO REASON

Did I mention I'm a summer person?

Christmas is quite good too

So let's skip

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