Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Birthday Cards

As I am writing a birthday card I thought this was a good time to explain why you may not get one and why. It's a long process for me to get a card in the post. Here's a brief run down of what has to happen...

I have to remember it is your birthday
I have to remember to ask Chris to buy you a card next time he is at the shop
Chris has to remember to buy the card next time he is at the shop
Chris has to remember to tell me he has bought the card
I have to remember he has bought a card and where I have put it
I have to remember to write it
I have to remember to give it to him to post
He has to remember to take it and post it

As you can see there are many steps of remembering and frequently I fail to do so. If by some miracle you do receive a card from me then I would frame it and bring out each year just in case! Please don't be offended if you don't get one as somewhere the process has failed. I have many cards that have been bought and not sent or ones that have been sent to the wrong people! My Dad was thrilled to get a "New Baby" card at the age of 65! Just know that somewhere in my brain I did at some point remember it was your birthday so Happy Birthday!

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