Friday, 30 September 2016

Parenting Expert

It's been a very exciting week this week. I got my hair did (as my American friends would say) so I look fabulous around the house. Well I did briefly, normal service has now been resumed. I got a new armchair...whoop! All ready for my stream of visitors so they can have a nice comfy seat next to the fire.

Also rather randomly I was contacted by a producer from Key 103 to say she had read my blog and could I contact her. She wanted some comments for a parenting chat they were having on the Late Show. Now obviously my parenting skills are renowned across the North West but even I was a little surprised. Still I am one step closer to getting on Strictly Come Dancing which is the ultimate goal. I'm pretty sure I could get on Celeb Big Brother with these credentials.

I was having a great week until it all went a bit pear shaped last night. I think I've picked up some school germs (thanks kids) and it set my seizures off. Still a bit off today so I've the spent the day horizontally trying not to mess my hair up.

Ooh nearly forgot the most exciting's new cardigan week! My mum took me shopping on Monday and we got my annual new cardigan. This has been ongoing for many years and I know people start getting excited from August onwards and wonder what I'm going to buy. Last year I went crazy and bought a purple one which looking back was the beginning of the end. I'm not sure I can blame being ill entirely on the cardigan but the signs were definitely there. This year I calmed down a bit and went for grey. Let's try and rein it in and see if it helps. Might have to go back to beige next year if I'm still ill.

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