Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Operation Sociable

Operation sociable is going well so far and I had a lovely coffee with Rachel yesterday. It was all going well until she left me stuck in the doorway in the wheelchair and I had to shout for help! Other than that we had a lovely afternoon and good company. I'm getting quite good at manoeuvering in my wheelchair but training for the paralympics is slow. I've got four years so you never know!

I was at hospital today to see the epilepsy nurse. I tried to walk into the hospital but ended up splat on the floor so that was a big fat fail. I like to give it a go though, A lady in the lift told me to keep smiling which I would say I'm pretty good at. The nurse has upped my meds to the maximum dose so I'll be very tired again for the next month. What do you mean there will be no difference?? Life and soul of the party that I am. It was probably all the partying that got me in this mess!

I've managed to get to school twice this week (with the help of friends) so I can be there when Emily gets out of school. I'm very grateful to everyone who has helped me in the past few months. I couldn't do it without you so a big thank you.

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