Monday, 13 March 2017


Gerald is my new alter ego. I haven't been shouting much recently because the medication I'm on is working really well but when i do shout it's brutal. My voice changes to much deeper level and my language is appalling so we've named him Gerald and given him a whole story. He's an old man who lives by himself, has no family or friends and sits at the end of the bar in the pub swearing at people! Some examples of Gerald's work "F off" " men" "Guess Who" (that was because Emily had left her Guess Who game out). Of course "Cock" came out a lot. Gerald likes to say that a lot. Poor Chris was terrified. The highlight was when Chris asked me where his toothpaste was and I answered in my normal voice "I don't...." and then Gerald stepped in "...f'ing know" Chris just doesn't know who he's going to get!

As a non sweary person normally it's very hard to violently swear at people and I find it mortifying. Thankfully it only happens occasionally these days and Gerald stay away. If you hear me swearing you know Gerald is back!

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