Wednesday, 24 August 2016

What did you call me?

I genuinely don't know where to start with this post! Let's go back...way a week last Sunday. I wasn't feeling too good when I woke up but we were due to go to my in-laws for Sunday lunch. I didn't want to miss it so Chris carried me to the car and wheeled me in to their house. When we there I got worse and worse, I couldn't even lift my arms to feed myself so Chris had to help me eat. I just slumped in the chair shouting random things at everyone. Eventually we decided I should i go to A&E so off we went. To cut a very long story short they kept me in, telling me I would see a neurologist the next day. Oh how we laugh about that now!

Monday came and went as did Tuesday. On Wednesday the doctor came to see me and said the neurologist would come and see me sometime after 6pm. As I hadn't seen James and Emily all week we arranged for them to come in at 5.30pm. I told the nurse I was popping to the cafe to see my kids and left my phone number with her in case he arrived early. Of course five minutes later I got a call on my phone to say he was on the ward. We rushed back and less than a minute later I was back but it was too late. He wouldn't wait for me. Not only that but he told the nurse he would come back later but had actually written in the book he wasn't coming back. We waited another two hours for him to come back that evening.

Thursday came and still no neurologist. On Friday I was told he was in the hospital and would call in when he could. My Dad came to be with me and Chris finished work early so I could have someone with me when he came. By 9pm we gave up hope. Yet again he wasn't coming. On Saturday we started complaining to everyone we could, it made no difference and there wasn't anything anyone would do. Chris managed to find his email address and by some miracle around an hour later he turned up! Yet again I was told he hadn't seen anyone like me (I feel so special!) but he was willing to try me on a new medication as a trial.

Four days later and I'm now home but sadly it doesn't look like this new medication is working either. I'm still twitching and falling and it's given me awful side effects. I'm going back to the doctors tomorrow and I've stopped taking it today. I can walk around a little so hopefully enough to keep me out of hospital for now.

So now the bit you've really been waiting for....did i shout at hospital? Of course I did! The highlight of my stay was when the lady in the next bed was complaining that the doctor had gone home without telling her as he was supposed to be checking on her blood work. The conversation went like this...

Sharon: Has the doctor gone home?
Nurse: Yes he has
Sharon: He was supposed to be doing my blood work so I can go home
Nurse: Well he's entitled to go home you know
Me; COCK!!!
Nurse: what did you call me?
Sharon: She called you a cock

I couldn't have timed it better if I'd tried! We all cracked up laughing while the Nurse looked very unimpressed. I promise i have no control over them but I'm not sure she believed me!

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